Writing Struggles

Last summer, I finally finished and submitted an essay (described in this post) to an anthology of stories by international educators. The editors didn’t accept my submission, but they were willing to reevaluate their decision if I made some changes that we had discussed during a summer writing workshop.

The deadline to resubmit was yesterday. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t change one word.

The editors were looking for a more narrow, descriptive focus on one or a few episodes abroad. I had written more of a collection of situations in different countries that I tied together with a few common themes.

Why did I have such a block against their revision suggestions? In academic papers, I’ve always been able to work in revisions. Maybe the topic was too personal, and I didn’t have enough distance. Maybe I haven’t found my narrative voice yet. Or maybe I have, and it just didn’t fit to this particular publication.

Elmar and I have been blogging now for about 1.5 years. I think it’s been a great way to reflect and to share with our friends and family across the globe. So yeah, maybe I have found my voice.

Maybe I’ll create a section on our blog for my creative writing.

One thought on “Writing Struggles

  1. It’s totaly ok you stay to all you have written in your
    blog all over the time since you are back in USA.
    I like it very much.
    Your german father in law Udo