Don’t mess with Texas AC

I have been commuting by bus from my cousins’ house in the suburb Kingwood to the NAFSA Conference in downtown Houston. First of all, I am positively shocked by the efficiency and comfort of the commuter buses. Riders line up to enter and sit silently for the morning ride. Seriously, I have not heard so much as a tweet, text, or update in the last 45 minutes. It’s like commuting in pre-mobile phone Germany.

As we approach the downtown corridor, the traffic starts to get denser. But not for us. Continue reading

Zydeco lunch concert

After Hurricane Katrina destroyed parts of New Orleans in 2007, many people evacuated to and eventually resettled in Houston. And luckily, they brought their culture with them.

A zydeco band is playing in the park today just across the street from the NAFSA Conference. I can almost taste the boiled crawfish… Just wish I could upload the picture.

NAFSA 2012 Conference for International Educators in Houston

As long as I’ve been involved in the study abroad field, I’ve heard about the NAFSA Conference for International Educators, which is held annually at different locations in North America. It’s the largest conference in the field of international education, with 8000+ attendees. Continue reading