Don’t mess with Texas AC

I have been commuting by bus from my cousins’ house in the suburb Kingwood to the NAFSA Conference in downtown Houston. First of all, I am positively shocked by the efficiency and comfort of the commuter buses. Riders line up to enter and sit silently for the morning ride. Seriously, I have not heard so much as a tweet, text, or update in the last 45 minutes. It’s like commuting in pre-mobile phone Germany.

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Back in the Heart of Texas

We’re going home. Well, I’m going home. Sort of. I’ve never actually lived in Austin, but it’s one of those cities where I can just show up and feel at home. Berlin feels the same way. There are familiar places, familiar faces, and I can always come and go as I choose. I’ve stayed with various people in various neighborhoods in both cities and it was like living there temporarily. Going back always feels comfy, like putting on a favorite sweatshirt. And I often manage to borrow a bike.

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