New Orleans: Running of the Bulls

One thing I love about roller derby is the sub-culture’s clever goofiness.

NOLA Bull "Root of All Evil" is ready to whack you

This weekend, hundreds of red-clad rollergirls attached horns to their helmets and wielded plastic bats. We descended upon New Orleans and “gored” (whacked) runners wearing Spanish costumes and fake mustaches. Some were dressed as Elvis. Some were dogs.

Texas Rollergirls Rec League Bulls with our favorite runner

Yes, we were reenacting the annual San Fermin Encierro festival in Pamplona, Spain, also known as the Running of the Bulls. In our case, it was actually the Skating of the Rollerbulls. And it was awesome.

Official website

Amazing photos by Andreas Koch (a German ex-pat!)

Channel 6 video

Chile con Cussion and Dark Pistol pose as I blow bubbles in the background

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