New Orleans: Extended Family

My mother was born and raised in New Orleans and still has lots of extended family there. Since I was in town for the Running of the Bulls, my cousin Sidney decided to throw one of his famous pool parties on the following day.

I showed up with a few Austin rollergirl friends, and we were greeted with abundant food, drink, and live music in the backyard.


What was most amazing about the party is that it was multi-generational and transcended social groups. Sidney owns and operates a tour company and has many friends in the French Quarter tourism and entertainment industry. So of course there was a beer can juggling guest named “Magic Mike” (pre-stripper movie) who would later be dressing as Napoleon for Bastille Day so that waiters could chase him while carrying full trays in the Waiters’ Race.

Photo from the Times-Picayune:

There were also many of my Smith cousins present: 90-year old Irvin and 80-year-old Annette kept Smith’s Record Shop going for many years on St. Charles Ave. next to the Pontchatrain Hotel. Judy, who I may have never actually met before, is the sister of my cousin Cheryl and works as a nurse.

Irvin, Sidney and Judy

Arlene and Alan co-write the Crecent City Jewish News. Marc is a pediatrician whose children have already traveled the world as young adults. Justin is an artist. And I hadn’t seen any of them in at least 15 years.

Arlene, Marc, Devon, Sidney, Irvin

It was so nice to go to New Orleans for a girls’ weekend and end up with a family reunion.

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  1. One of Sidney’s guest shared with me some very interesting info about the family. He said that part of the family came from Smorgon and the family’s name was spelled–Smorgonsky not Schmargonsky. Now I know why I couldn’t find anything at Ellis Island.