Missing Out

So as happy as I am to be seeing my American family more often, now we will be seeing Elmar’s family less often. This is especially unfortunate because his sister got married less than a month after our one-way flights. Runa and Torger will have a church ceremony in late March, but that’s much earlier than we were hoping to go back for a visit. We’re currently looking for work in Austin, and American employees typically have much less vacation time than their European counterparts. Also, many employers don’t allow their employees to take extended time off during their first months at a new job. So we can’t even really plan for it right now.

Same dilemma, different month: A good friend of mine in Dresden recently became a father. He and his girlfriend also got married shortly after we left Germany. They will have a ceremony and baptism in May.

I guess the reality is that living abroad for extended periods of time means that you’re always missing out on something somewhere. But it also means that when vacation time does roll around, you’ve got lots of people to visit in interesting places.

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