Research stay in Bielefeld

This summer, I’m studying abroad with funding from the German Academic Exchange Service and the Texas Language Center. (Thank you! We spent all our money on building a house.) For my dissertation, I needed to put together a workshop on drama-based instruction for doctoral students who teach German. I have some great people in my committee for both German and for drama-based pedagogy, but no one combines the two. Elmar got summer funding to put together an online course, which he could do from anywhere thanks to the wonders of technology. So here we are in OWL.

Human foosball at the Uni Bielefeld

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studying cacti and culture

A friend of mine from Dresden, Germany just arrived in Austin with his wife and their two daughters (ages: 2 years, 8 weeks). He’s a mechanical engineer researching the structure of cacti for his dissertation. So obviously his path led him to Texas. But it also brings my path full circle. Continue reading

NAFSA 2012 Conference for International Educators in Houston

As long as I’ve been involved in the study abroad field, I’ve heard about the NAFSA Conference for International Educators, which is held annually at different locations in North America. It’s the largest conference in the field of international education, with 8000+ attendees. Continue reading

US grad school applications in three steps

So I haven’t been blogging as regularly as I had planned. I blame grad school applications. I would like to do a PhD at the University of Texas in either German or foreign language education. The application process took about two months and cost over $200 ($160 GRE exam + $65 application fee). That was a hard pill to swallow, as the application process for my MA in Germany took about two days and cost nothing. But if things work out, it will certainly be worth the cost and effort. Continue reading