Buzzing with research ideas and grad school support

Last year, I kinda fought my way through grad school. While I had supportive professors and colleagues, I felt like the last frames of this by the end of spring 2013.

Now I feel like I’m on the verge of something, like in an old school video game, when you’ve built up all your energy and you can do a special move. Now, I just have to figure out the button combinations to unleash a research fireball. Luckily, I have a great deal of support on this quest.

Photo from Wiki Commons

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Life is fleeting. So are borrowed kitties.

This time of year, I usually reflect about life and death. The November 2nd accident that killed three people in my high school marching band was a formative experience in my teen years.

In undergrad, I used to send mass emails to my high school friends. It was a way to stay connected from Boston. As the years passed, the messenger changed to myspace and facebook. Last year, I blogged: Reflect, remember, recover.

This year, I remembered, but I didn’t write about it. For the first time in years. Not sure why. Maybe I’m entrenched in life and learning and playing.

But then, Max moved away.

Max, looking toward greener pastures?

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