Brief Separation

Elmar went to Germany for two weeks without me.

I like it when he’s away. It means I can:

  1. clean the house and have it stay clean,
  2. jog or do yoga in the mornings,
  3. be a workaholic without feeling guilty, and
  4. catch up on phone calls to old friends.

But the best part about Elmar traveling without me is when he comes back. See you soon!

Boston Marathon still inspiring

As an undergrad, I played bass drum in the Boston University Marching and Pep Bands. In the spring, on Patriot’s Day, we played at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. What an inspiring event! I loved cheering for the runners with costumes or signs to raise awareness for a cause. Sometimes someone looked ready to drop from exhaustion, but if you yelled encouragement using the name or number they wrote on their arm, they would perk up and keep going. Anyone bold enough to wear Texas shorts up north got a rowdy drumline rendition of “The Stars at Night”. It was an amazing and humbling community experience.

2013. Two bombs. No answers.

One of those killed was a Boston University grad student. That student’s day-to-day worries about research, advisors, funding, and work-life balance disappeared. Senselessly. There was a memorial for this student and the other victims today at BU’s Marsh Plaza, where I attended a memorial for the victims of 9/11 back in 2001.

Photo credit, creative commons license

What strikes me the most in reading accounts of what happened is that people ran towards the explosions to help with anticipated injuries. People shared phones, gave away coats, signed up on a google doc to house runners and visitors from out of town.

Tragedies can illustrate the worst in human nature, but also bring out the best.

I love you, Bahston.

West Texas: Big Bend National Park

Ende März war mein letztes Projekt, das Lego-Robotikprojekt, fertig. Da ich einen neuen Vertrag ab Mai anstehen hatte, wollte ich einen Monat Urlaub machen. Die ersten zwei Wochen hier in Texas und dann zwei Wochen in Deutschland. Letzte Woche bin ich dann für einige Tage in den Big Bend National Park in West Texas gefahren. Von dem Park, direkt an der mexikanischen Grenze, hatte ich schon viel gehört und wollte dort schon seit längerem hinfahren. Der Park hat zum Teil Wüste und auch Gebirge. Und diese Jahreszeit ist vom Wetter her optimal. Früher währe zu kalt und später zu heiß.

Campingplatz Chisos Basin im Big Bend National Park

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